Inspired Writing!

I’m often asked how I get my students to write with such deep such feeling, emotion, detail and conviction. I think it’s because my students feel inspired and they know their voice matters.

I believe they are inspired because they see their learning as a journey… an adventure.  My students come to school everyday with mindset that they will journey far and wide, both inside and outside the walls of our classroom to learn new things, be challenged, explore, question, create and share. My previous blog post, “Learning Through Adventure” will take you on some of our adventures we’ve experienced this year.

**Today we went on an an incredible adventure with world renowned adventurer, storm chaser and host of Angry Planet, George Kourounis via Google Hangouts and EBTSOYP  The INCREDIBLE video in which George speaks first hand about the forces of nature,  growth mindset and goal setting (watch it fully) can be viewed below:


At the end of our incredible journey, George left us with this quote:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.48.38 AM

My students were inspired to write about what George’s quote meant to them:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.22.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.22.38 PM (1)

My students know their voice matters because they are encouraged and empowered to share. They bring their adventure, writing, reading and science logs home for “Homeshare” (we don’t do Homework)  to share their learning with their parents. Parents discuss and comment on what they have learned from their children. Parents are also encouraged to ask questions as well. In effect, my students are blogging with their parents!

**My students will take the writing they did today about what they learned fromScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.57.14 PM George’s quote home and share it with their parents. Their parents will write a comment in their child’s Adventure Logs about their writing.

My students also know that I write about what we are learning and doing in this blog. They know that teachers from all over the world will read our writing and perhaps share and even comment on it (within 12 hours a teacher in Australia used our Blog to inspire her students to write). Just today, our blog has been viewed 98 times in 19 different countries!  My students also help me write and edit my blogs before publishing and give me feedback for improvement.

I model the positive use of social media in the classroom by using Twitter in careful, well thought out and responsible ways. By sharing their work via social media I am, in effect, modelling how my students can use the powerful tools available to them to have a very positive effect on their world.

** I will tweet out some of my students’ learning from today, with a link attached to this blog post and perhaps George Kourounis will even tweet us back!

He did!!






About mrcameron14

I am a Grade 6 teacher of 18 years in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. Passionate about sharing with teachers throughout the world. Teaching students how to use technology 4 good and to make a positive difference in the world. Apple Distinguished Educator 2013, SMART Exemplary Educator 2013, Google Educator 2015.
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One Response to Inspired Writing!

  1. bjoyce12 says:

    Wow!! We loved the video and we so want to talk to George as we are studying the Changing Earth he would be amazing to talk to. We have has a great session this morning using the quote George left you guys with. It really made my class think about their goals and the future. We hope you take a look at our responses under the comments section of our post.
    We are looking forward to sharing more our learning with you guys 🙂
    G’day from Australia!!!
    3/4J and Mrs Joyce


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