Read St.Elizabeth School’s mission to help the residents of Fort McMurray and our challenge to ALL SCHOOLS throughout Canada to join our cause, because many small acts CAN make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

I’m incredibly proud to be a teacher at St. Elizabeth School. It is a loving and compassionate school community where everyone truly seeks to help those in need. Walk through our school doors and you’ll see what I mean!

I was touched once again on Thursday when Mrs. Zappitelli and her grade 3 class stepped up IMG_3515.JPGto help the residents of Fort McMurray. Mrs. Zappitelli came to school with the question: How could our school community assist the thousands of people who are affected by the fire in Fort McMurray? Within minutes she had an idea and brought it to her class to ponder. Frozen treats would be sold the following day (Friday May 6). What a GREAT idea! Her students made a plan and pitched it to our school community at our spirit assembly. With some input from students and staff, they were ready to put their idea into ACTION! Notes went home and a “sinervoice” was sent. On Friday students came to school excited to enjoy a cool treat, but more importantly, impassioned to help! In less than 24 hours our small school rallied together to raise $420.00 to help those devastated by the fires raging in Fort McMurray.

Update: Today (May 12) our school had another popsicle and bake sale! Staff pitched in to buy the popsicles and Mrs. Zappitelli’s grade 3 class brought in the baked goods. We’ve raised another $500+ for Fort McMurray, bringing our total funds raised to over $1000.00! Our whole school community feels empowered to know that we are helping another community in need.

Let’s ALL Work Together to HELP Fort MacMurray!

Our school community is hoping that other schools throughout Canada will also do what IMG_3513.JPGthey can (we know that many already are) to help the residents of Fort McMurray. Imagine if every school raised a few hundred dollars to help! My students did the math! 15 5000 schools in Canada multiplied by $500.00= $7 750 000! Collectively our students can make a HUGE difference! Please SHARE our story with everyone as a simple reminder that small acts can make a BIG difference! WE CHALLENGE YOUR SCHOOL TO JOIN US IN HELPING! Please tweet your stories to #Schools4FortMac  and and encourage others to help! View our model for making a difference below to help guide you in your initiative!

Update: Many schools have taken on our challenge and thousands of dollars have been raised! Visit #Schools4FortMac to see what others are doing, to be inspired  and share YOUR story!

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.55.30 AM


About mrcameron14

I am a Grade 6 teacher of 18 years in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. Passionate about sharing with teachers throughout the world. Teaching students how to use technology 4 good and to make a positive difference in the world. Apple Distinguished Educator 2013, SMART Exemplary Educator 2013, Google Educator 2015.
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3 Responses to #Schools4FortMac

  1. mrhewett says:

    My class was brainstorming some ideas as well. We were trying to think outside the box in terms of monetary contributions. Our school seems to be doing a lot of fundraising these days. We thought that donating Canadian Tire money or Shoppers Optimum Points could be possible/beneficial. Have you ever heard of another group raising ‘money’ this way? Is it possible? Just looking for some thoughts/input. Cheers


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