Art Corner(16/17)

We completed larger scale Minecraft Selfies!

Our Minecraft Selfies are Taking Shape!

Walk with Chanie Art



Northern Lights Art

My Name is…..

Lest We Forget


Our #OneWord Logos

Draw a Minion!

Mr. C was absent on Friday. Since we are working to produce 2 and 3 dimensional works of art, using a variety of means, I left instructions with my supply teacher to have my students Google “How to Draw a Minion” I left this activity because it gives the students some direction but leaves them the freedom of choice to decide how they will learn to draw a minion, at their own pace, using the technology they have available to them. This also presented them with the task of “reading” a variety of texts and media for a specific purpose and challenged them to follow instructions according to a set of timelines. Upon completion of their art, my students used Photo Booth to take a photograph of their worked an emailed their finished product in a Google Doc. The results were great.

Extension Discuss with your child something else they’d like to learn to draw or an art technique they would like to explore. Together do a Google search to learn how to become an artist yourself! Send me your creations and I post it on our blog!