Over the past three weeks my students and I walked the Secret Path with Chaine Wenjack, a young 12 year old boy who ran away from the Cecilia Residential Residential School in Kenora, Ontario in 1966. Our journey with Chaine can be read in our blog post: ‘Walking the Secret Path’. My students are now impassioned with making a difference for Chaine, to help remember him and his story (see all their ideas in our original post).


When Chaine ran away from the residential school he managed to walk 60 kilometres of the 600  he needed to cover to reach his home at Ogokji Post.  One group of students suggested we walk 60 kilometres together as a class. Our goal is to walk one kilometre a day for 60 days. If 9 other classes joined our walk, together we’d cover the 600 kilometres that Chaine needed get back home.

If you’d like to join us in our #WalkwithChaine please let us know by tweeting to the hashtag!

We will not forget you Chaine.