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Coding In the Classroom: What I Learned from my Students!

Last year, for no other reason than striving to expose my students to as many types of learning opportunities as possible, I jumped on the Hour of Code bandwagon, inspired by this video: Although I had little idea what I … Continue reading

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Try a Twitter Board!

Twitter has become an invaluable platform for me to share the incredible things that my students are doing with the world! (Read my blog: ‘Twitter Ideas for the Classroom’). My students have a voice that reaches far beyond the walls … Continue reading

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Inspired Writing!

I’m often asked how I get my students to write with such deep such feeling, emotion, detail and conviction. I think it’s because my students feel inspired and they know their voice matters. I believe they are inspired because they … Continue reading

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It’s NOT Easy Connecting Math with the REAL World. Really?

I laughed out loud after reading this headline: @drdouggreen had reblogged my Let’s Do Some REAL Math post from a couple of weeks ago. It’s not easy connecting math with the real world…really? Actually, many teachers probably agree with Dr. Green … Continue reading

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