Who is Peter Cameron?

Peter Cameron is a teacher with twenty-six years of teaching experience at the junior level. DSC03095 (1)  He is an experienced and proven leader in the integration of all types of technologies within the classroom. Peter is passionate about sharing best practices, ideas, resources, lessons and student exemplars with teachers and administrators throughout the world. He believes in the power of connections and the profound ability that we all have to make a difference. His work in the classroom has been featured by Google Earth EducationNational Geographic, Canadian GeographicCBC News, As It Happens and Owl Magazine. Peter has presented workshops from the local to international level. Peter is a 2019 National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow, the Canadian National Geographic Education Ambassador, a Google Earth Education Expert, Apple Distinguished Educator, SMART Exemplary Educator, Google Educator and National Geographic Educator.  Peter the past Chairperson of OECTA Provincial’s Teacher Development Committee, co-founder of #MADPD, a virtual education conference and co-author of “Blue Gold”.

Peter delivers workshops and keynotes (scroll down for a listing) in person and “virtually”. Contact him (cherandpete@yahoo.ca) about tailoring professional development that works for you!

Below is his presentation on ‘Our ConnectED Classroom’ that was live streamed from Connect 2016:

Keynote delivered “virtually” by Peter for Edcamp Milton: Opening the Door to Change. “What IS and what COULD BE.”


“Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop hosted by Peter Cameron. I had high expectations and they were met.  Unlike a technical explanation provided by the distributors, this day long educational experience drew from the instructors vast knowledge base/background and provided classroom applications and examples.  The  presentation and accompanying handouts can be used as an ongoing reference source and the Internet sites provided are top notch and classroom proven.  Additionally, the instructor’s personal website is done very professionally and is again classroom proven which includes student’s samples allowing the user to directly incorporate it into their curriculum.  Our board is looking forward to further training opportunities with Peter.”

“Workshop was excellent, presenter friendly and approachable.”

“Peter’s passion for tearing down the walls of his classroom was very evident in his presentation and that helped him connect with the people in the session.”

“Useful and inspiring to take our learning into the real world.”

“Cutting edge. I am coming away with many ideas that I can start implementing in my classroom!”

” Awesome! Everything was better than I expected. I feel like I have so much more to learn! My interest was jump started.”


The Connected Classroom  The most important connections in our lives are the ones closest to us. First learn strategies to help connect and bond your students with one another to start the school year. Also understand how to connect with parents and engage them in their children’s learning. Next, learn how you can easily break down the walls of your classroom and travel to places you and your students never dreamed possible. Collect authentic, real time math data, start a project that goes viral, get feedback from educators from around the globe, participate in a real time book chat with multiple classes from different cities, swim with a cave diver, run with a storm chaser….the opportunities are endless. Come learn how you can create a sense of connectedness and  adventure in your own classroom while giving your students a voice and a strong sense of their place and an ability to make a positive difference in the world.

Let’s Do Some REAL Math! This workshop  aims  to get teachers thinking outside of the textbook and realize that opportunities for make math learning REAL are all around them. There will be many tech and “no tech” tips, tricks, resources and student exemplars shared. Participants will be learn how they can leverage a variety technology (including Twitter, Flipgrid, Google Apps) in their own classrooms to make math learning and teaching fun, exciting and relevant. Teachers will have opportunities to develop and share their own lessons. The results will amaze you! This workshop can be adapted to a half and full day.

Know Your Chromebook Just getting started with your Chromebook? This workshop is for you! Learn how to leverage the incredibly powerful tools found within your Chromebook and then put them to use while you work through a learning activity that is sure to inspire both you and your students!

Google Hangouts: Teaching Through Adventure When driving to school, do you get the same excited feeling when heading to the airport ready to embark on a new adventure? Are your students banging on your classroom door wanting to get in or out? Come learn how to use Google Hangouts to create many learning journeys and global connections for your students, where they’ll travel all over the world, meet and collaborate with incredible people and learn in engaging and authentic ways! With Google Hangouts the sky is the limit for learning!

Flipping for Flipgrid Flipgrid will transform the way you teach and your students learn! Learn how to use this powerful application to easily capture student thinking, amplify student voice and provide timely feedback in simple, yet effective ways. Participants will learn how to get started with Flipgrid, view student exemplars, try it out and build a lesson they can use on the next day!

Customize your Chrome If your computer was a person, who would it be? Learn how to customize your Chromebook to turn it into your favourite superpower! This workshop will guide you through tips and tricks to organize your Chrome browser to make it more efficient while adding extensions to make it more powerful.

The Power of Presence: Assessment Strategies That Work Understand the importance of being fully present in your math classroom and create activities that allow you to learn along side your students. Create lessons that are engaging and fun that will get your students talking and sharing. Learn how to become totally present in your students’ learning, allowing you to provide “just in time feedback” and assess “in the moment”. Math portfolios and Google forms for effective assessment will also be shared and discussed.

The Power of Play in the Math Classroom: “We’re Not Just Playing Games, We’re LEARNING!”  Learn quick and easy games and strategies that can be used throughout the course of the school day that will help your students learn, reinforce and master their multiplication facts while building their number sense and numeration awareness. Help kids see the fun in learning math and understand that it’s literally all around them!

Passion Based Learning  Break free from the textbook and find content that will inspire and drive the learning in your classroom.  Our students come into school learning through inquiry, find out how I use content relevant to my students’ interests and passions to help drive learning at the junior grade level.  This workshop tells the story of how I engage and motivate my students through learning that is based on initiatives and ideas relevant to my class and how teachers can do the same.  Teachers will come away from the workshop with an understanding of how to “think outside of the text” and develop learning journeys for their students that will be authentic, engaging and meaningful.

Genius Hour  Genius Hour is sweeping through classrooms across the world! Have you heard about Genius Hour or 20% Time but not really sure where to start? This workshop is for you!  This workshop introduces teachers to the idea of Genius hour and outlines a proven step by step process for using Genius hour in the classroom.  Teachers will come away from the workshop with an understanding of how to use Genius Hour in their classroom, a Genius Hour journal template, many resources and student exemplars.

The M.A.D Project Peter Cameron is passionate about teaching students that they have a powerful voice and when used effectively, they can leverage technology to help make the world an even better place. Learn how this teacher has developed an inquiry model for making a difference with his class and challenged his students to change the world. You’ll come away from this workshop with an understanding of how too can inspire your students to make a difference!

Twitter 101 for Teachers  Twitter is quickly becoming teachers “go to” resource for PD and a means to bring the world to their classroom and their classroom to the world!  This workshop focuses on the how teachers can get started using Twitter, from setting up their account, to tweeting, hashtags and chats.  Teachers will come away from the workshop feeling confident using Twitter and an understanding of how they can use it as an incredibly powerful tool in their classroom.

So You’re on Twitter, Now What?  Are you a teacher who has a Twitter account, but don’t really know where to go to from here? This workshop is for you!  This workshop focuses on how to leverage Twitter as an incredibly powerful tool in your classroom. Learn how to use Twitter in all subject areas in many innovative, interesting, yet simple ways! Your students and YOU will be amazed!  Teachers will come away from the workshop with an understanding of how to use Twitter to bring the world to their classroom and their classroom to the world.

Transform Your Language Class With Mac Apps The tools to transform your classroom into a highly engaging 21st century learning environment are at your fingertips. You will come away from this workshop with a solid understanding of how to leverage Pages, Quick Time, Keynote, GarageBand and iMovie to give your students choice and voice in the Language Classroom. Student examples will be highlighted and ready made lessons  will be provided for all attendees.

iMovie 101  So you’ve taken a bunch of pictures of a class field trip, guest speaker or school spirit assembly, but what now? You’ve seen some crazy cool iMovies and wish could make one too? This workshop is the place for you! Create an iMovie that captures the essence and spirit of the experience for your students and parents so they can remember it for years to come!

My “Go To” App: Explain Everything! This single app has completely changed how my students learn math and science! It’s a game changer! You’ll learn the basics of this app but you won’t get overwhelmed with the technical stuff! You’ll come away from this workshop having seen concrete examples of how my students use Explain Everything in their classroom and understand how yours can too!

K Cups 4 Classrooms  You may have heard about how my class is repurposing K Cups as incredibly powerful learning tools!  We have been featured on CBC’s “As it Happens”, in a CBC News article, and in the September issue of Owl magazine. Come check out what all the fuss is about!  This workshop tells the story of how our initiative idea gained so much attention and how I am using K Cups to reinvent how I’m teaching math in an engaging, relevant and fun way!  Teachers will come away from the workshop with an understanding of how to teach math with these incredibly powerful and unique math manipulatives. Many lessons and resources will be provided!

A Teacher’s MUST Have- SMART Notebook  Have access to SMART Notebook but don’t know where to begin or wish you knew more? This workshop is for you!  This workshop introduces teachers to the many incredible tools that SMART Notebook has to offer and how they can begin using this powerful software to transform learning in their classroom.  Teachers will come away from the workshop with a good understanding of how to use SMART Notebook, how to build engaging lessons and access to many incredible SMART Notebook lessons.

Know your SMART Board!  Want to learn how to get the MOST out of your SMART Board to transform your learning environment? This workshop is for you!  This workshop introduces teachers to the many tools that is available to them on the SMART Board and how to leverage it in engaging, interactive, efficient and effective ways. Teachers will come away from the workshop with a confidence knowing how to use their SMART Board and the tools available as well as how to use SMART Notebook to plan interactive lessons.

SAMR- Transform your Learning Environment  Understand the SAMR model and learn how to use technology to easily and effectively transform your classroom.  This workshop introduces teachers to the SAMR model and provides many easy ideas and strategies for moving from the substitution/augmentation level to modification and redefinition when integrating technology in their learning environment. Teachers will come away from the workshop with a clear understanding of how they can leverage technology to innovate and redefine what learning looks like within their own classrooms.

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