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Are You a Small Tree in a Big Forest…

…or a big tree in a small forest? Recently I spoke at our year end farewell celebration. We gifted our grade 6 grads with a small white spruce. As I stood before our students and their families I used the tree … Continue reading

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Let’s Go M.A.D Together!

I started the first day of school in 2016 with the following question for my students: This was the result of the question: Recently my students completed M.A.D (Make a Difference) Projects with an aim to make their world an … Continue reading

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WHAT IF… Home ‘work’ Looked Like This?

Friday June 10, 2016 My views on homework have changed and evolved over my 20+ years of teaching. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that traditional homework has done nothing to improve my students’ academic performance or their ability to think … Continue reading

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Does the Status Quo Make you Comfortable?

Drawing my learning line (thanks Colleen Rose for the challenge) has really got me thinking about my past twenty plus years as a teacher and the ones yet to come. I realized, in hindsight, that from years ten to fifteen of … Continue reading

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My Learning Line: The Evolution of a Teacher

Colleen Rose  recently wrote a blog post entitled ‘Draw a Line for Me’ that captured my attention and intrigued me. I took up Colleen’s challenge to draw a line for her, a simple enough task, but one that proved more difficult than … Continue reading

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