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I just finished applying for the National Geographic Educator program. I was recently named a National Geographic Educator of the Week and am very proud and excited to be connected with such an amazing group of people. In December I … Continue reading

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First Podcast: Success, Failure and Climbing Mountains!

Recently Derek Rhodenizer invited me onto his podcast to discuss PBL. We never got that far, we couldn’t get off the topic of failure! Derek asked me point blank what failure was and after a bit of thinking I responded that … Continue reading

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Want to improve student achievement?

Together we can do it! GET KIDS TO SCHOOL CONSISTENTLY…EVERY DAY. Do *REAL (Relevant, Engaging, Authentic, Lasting) work. Create opportunities for students to make a difference. Allow students to explore passions and interests. Connect with your students’ parents. Read with your … Continue reading

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Teaching math? Get REAL!

A total shift in my math teaching mindset occurred a few years ago after straying from the math textbook, as I traditionally did once a year at Christmas during our annual fundraising efforts for our local Shelter House. As tradition has it, my … Continue reading

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What teaching has taught me.

Kids always come first. Students learn best from asking questions. Kids can’t sit all day. Math is best taught with “real world” questions. It’s never going to be perfect. Admit your mistakes. Greet each child with a smile regardless of … Continue reading

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